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amazon-themeWhen setting up an Amazon Store, you may want to consider using WordPress as your platform in conjunction with an Amazon Theme. The right theme can give you a professional look to build confidence with your customers.

Theme Options On This Page (Store Builders, Plugins, Basic Themes)
Option 1: Amazon Store Builder with Theme.

Option 2: Amazon Store Plugin (Theme Optional).

Options 3, 4, 5:  Choose from pre-packaged theme designs. (automation tools need to be added or build store manually)

More Than a Theme!  Amazon Store Builders allow for Quick Set Up of a product filled website on WordPress!

1. Covert Amazon Store Builder Theme

Amazon WordPress Theme with Store Builder. The All in One platform that allows you to quickly create an Amazon store – complete with Amazon products and categories – all within an Amazon WordPress Theme. Amazon Store Builder is more than a WordPress Theme!

amazon-theme-for-wordpressCovert Amazon Store Builder Theme Amazon WordPress Theme with Store Builder. Product content is instantly generated through the Amazon Associates Product Advertising API.

Automatically Display Top Selling Items.


This is one of the training videos that comes with the Store Builder and Theme…

Build new Amazon stores quickly or incorporate into an existing site…

See full demo on the All in One WordPress Theme and Store Builder!

Create a New Amazon Store Quickly or Incorporate Amazon Products and into your current website. With ‘stand alone’ Amazon themes you still need additional plugins to populate your store with products. This theme comes ‘locked and loaded’ with all of those features.

Video Tutorials are provided on how to install, activate and import Amazon products and categories quickly using the Amazon Advertising Product API. Amazon theme and store builder works with other affiliate products as well – side by side with Amazon.

See the Covert Amazon Store Builder and WordPress Theme in Action: Watch Full Demo!

Amazon Theme Download

Already have a theme?  Populate your store with hundred’s of product filled pages…

2.  WP Dollar Plugin (with optional Amazon WordPress Theme)

A slightly less costly option is to the WP Dollar Plugin. It gives you the option to only get a store builder feature to use with any WordPress theme. If you also need the theme, then WP Dollar is another ‘all in one’ Amazon store builder you may want to consider.

WP Dollar Pluginamazon-theme-with-amazon-plugin comes with single site license or build unlimited sites: Click Here!

WP Dollar WordPress Theme can also be purchased on it’s own without the plugin here.

Do not purchase plugin or theme without understanding that the Plugin builds Amazon stores by importing products instantly, as shown in the video. The theme is an available option to use with the plugin. It is fine to purchase the theme alone if you plan to build your store manually.





Amazon Theme Download

Looking for an Amazon Theme without Store Builder?

Basic Amazon Themes for WordPress come designed with the look and feel of an Amazon store. WordPress automation is needed to upload Amazon products. (see WP Robot*) 

3. OkeZoner WordPress Amazon Theme

Custom design features allow you to customize the color scheme of your Amazon store. Also works with *WP Robot and additional automation plugins (not downloaded with theme).  See Features


Click Here to all features available with the OkeZoner Amazon Theme

Amazon Theme Download

* WP-Robot enables you to automatically import tons of relevant product content related to your Amazon Store. Wp Robot is not necessary with the use of an Amazon Store Builder.  Learn more about WP Robot.

 4. WP Amazon Zoner Theme

Amazon WordPress Theme with Easy Set Up and works with WP Robot (WordPress Automation).

Amazon Zoner WordPress Theme:  Click Here to Download

Amazon Theme Download

5. ZonMagic Amazon Theme

Created by the same developers as the WpZoner and OkeZoner Themes.


Read more about ZonMagic Amazon Theme:  Click Here!

Amazon Theme Download

Amazon Store Builders vs stand along Amazon WordPress Themes.

In search of the best Amazon WordPress Theme for your store?  The Amazon themes have been created by an independent developer with low pricing for WordPress users. If you are not yet sure what type of Amazon store you should create, explore Amazon Store Builder Options.

Amazon Store Builders come with training videos to show Amazon store owners how to import Amazon data into their sites.  If choosing a theme design without a store builder, you will want to consider WordPress Automation tools such as WP Robot.

Amazon WordPress Theme Design:

Amazon Themes assist you in creating multiple pages around your products, such as product reviews.  The creation of a robust Amazon store is accelerated with WP Robot to automatically create multiple product posts and reviews with the click of a mouse. Includes Dynamic Product on Single Page. As stated, if purchasing a Store Builder with Theme, you do not need WP Robot.

Further benefits of WordPress Themes include the ability to get your site up and running faster without spending hours on design before you even upload your first category of products. It’s just like choosing any theme. Depending on what you want to do with your WordPress blog or website, WordPress themes are pre-packaged templates to make it easy to get rolling.

More from WordPress:

Whether or not you are a Amazon Affiliate, you may also be interest in these additional WordPress resources.

If you don’t have web hosting.  Make sure you get hosting that provides automatic installation of WordPress.  We recommend Hostgator.

6 responses

  1. I’ve done a lot of research on Amazon themes. It’s the only way to add credibility to an Amazon store to increase sales. I am going to try it.

  2. Thanks for the options. The Amazon store builder seems a lot easier to work with than downloading a basic theme and then having to worry about adding Wp Robot.

    1. Yes, and there is an added cost to getting WP Robot. That said, we still find people liking the design of the other ‘stand alone’ themes. It really comes down to your knowledge base or the training you’re getting from others about how to build an Amazon store.

  3. Downloaded the theme. I figured, how could I go wrong at this price. It works great – thanks!

  4. Nice themes. Are they easy to install?

    1. Yes, just like any theme on WordPress. But if you are just getting the theme and don’t want to manually import products, you need to consider WP Robot. Of course, there are other plugins available. The store builder option (which includes a theme) solves that problem.

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